A Closer Look Into Phoenix Screens

How many times have you said to yourself as you cleaned the mildew and dried soap off that old shower curtain that you’d look into glass shower screens? You’ve probably discovered a drenched bathroom floor after someone took a shower with that old curtain only partially closed about as many times as you’ve discovered a soaked bathroom floor after someone took a shower with that old curtain only partially closed. That fading shower curtain’s days may be numbered if you’ve been putting it off due to a tight budget, decorating considerations, or a desire not to hide your wonderful ceramic tile. Have a look at Stellar Sunscreens – Phoenix Screens to get more info on this.

Shower screens to match any bathroom design

When it comes to renovating their shower enclosures, today’s homeowners have a variety of options. You can even choose an enclosure with no frame at all to highlight your shower tile. Glass options, door designs, and frame colours are all available from suppliers.  Shower enclosure glass should normally be tempered to eliminate potential mishaps, but options within this category range from transparent to a modest complete frosted design that’s nearly hard to look through. Several manufacturers offer tinting in a variety of colours, and you might be able to use patterned or etched glass in your screen.

Although most shower screens feature hinged doors, sliding doors are also an option in some combinations. By installing an aperture in their screen reverse the shower nozzles, people with a huge bespoke shower may be able to get by without a door at all.

It’s common to be able to match the frame of your shower enclosure to the rest of your bathroom fittings. The most popular finishes are almost probably chrome and brushed aluminium, but pewter and brilliant brass are also popular. A bathroom with brass vanity and shower plumbing fixtures, as well as a matching shower frame, may be very exquisite, especially when topped off with a brass toilet lever.

The price of glass shower screens

A glass shower enclosure won’t be as cheap as a shower curtain from your local home decor store, but it might come close depending on the type of the screen and the height and width of your shower. If you use a conventional frame and glass type, framed one-wall enclosures can be very cost effective. One-wall folding screens are also incredibly cost-effective.

Frameless glass screens for large bespoke showers are at the other end of the enclosure price scale. To retain structural strength without the use of a frame, glass for frameless screens must be thicker, and installation labour can be more complex. It’s not uncommon for a custom frameless application to cost more than $1,000, but you might be able to save money by employing a minimal or partial frame in certain areas.