All about Chad Chenier Photography

Whether you are looking to perfect your architectural photography or wish to give it a professional shot for the very first time, this article will tell you all you need to know about what you should be looking for. Architecture photography has had a stupendous history. The medium hasn’t changed that much over the years, which is no surprise if you think about the importance of architecture as a whole. Do you want to learn more? Visit Chad Chenier Photography – Houston Architecture Photography. Architectural photography covers a wide spectrum, from home renovations to large-scale projects like the Los Angeles skyline.

If you have an interest in architectural photography then you are probably quite familiar with the techniques and equipment used. It can be hard to tell them apart at times, which is why knowing exactly what to look for and how to fix the problem is so important. One of the most common problems of architectural photography is a lens distortion. There are two main types of distortion, optical and mechanical. Mechanical distortion is usually caused by things like long exposure times and poor lighting, while optical is caused by things like extreme focus or tilt-shift lenses.

When you’re looking to take architecture photos, one of the most important aspects is lighting. Lighting makes or breaks a photograph, which is why it’s vital to practice good lighting techniques when taking photographs of the structure. For instance, using multiple long exposure settings isn’t recommended because doing so can cause the structure in the photograph to become blurred. Also, avoiding red-eye is also highly recommended for this type of photography.