All about Garage door installation

Garage Door Installation Cost An average, one-car garage door costing about $ 550 to purchase, is less than a dollar. A two-car, double garage door costing $ 800 to purchase, is much more expensive. New garage door prices range from $ 400 to $ 800. Some of the factors that determine the price of a door, are the door size, style, material, and any extras such as insulated glass, torsion springs, automatic opening devices, windows and doors with curtains or window panels. Some companies offer garage door installation at no additional cost. Other companies will charge a flat rate fee for the entire job including parts and labor. Have a look at Garage door installation to get more info on this.

Garage door installation is available in two options: manual and automatic. Automatic doors have a motor that raises and lowers the door along a track. Manual doors have a handle that is used to open and close the door. Many companies offer both types of door installation. A heavy door installation is a one-time job and the materials are not very expensive, therefore do it yourselfers can usually do it for less money than if they were doing a manual install.

Garage door Insulated material is becoming more popular than in the past due to increased energy efficiency and the higher price of aluminum. Garage doors made out of insulated material to provide protection from rain, wind, cold, sun, snow and other weather elements. It is typically less expensive to purchase an insulated door than a non-insulated door because of the price of aluminum and it does last longer than most other materials such as wood or vinyl. Wood and vinyl typically need to be replaced after about ten years.