All About PAD Treatment

Prescription medicines that only slow the progression of the disease (not cure it) and invasive surgery involving the placement of a stent (Angioplasty) that only provides temporary relief are the two most common medical treatments for Peripheral Artery Disease.

Signs and Symptoms

Hair loss over the toes and feet, thick toenails, shiny tight skin, painful non-bleeding ulcers on the feet or toes, and leg pain after walking a certain distance are all symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease.

Reasons for this

Peripheral Artery Disease is caused by two primary factors: One is a deficiency of the (right kind of exercise). In order to prevent pain or suffering, we increasingly adopt the route of least resistance when executing things as we get older. The veins and arteries in the areas of our body where limitations and blockages ordinarily arise, resulting in PAD, no longer receive the stimulation and stretching required to keep blood flowing freely.Find additional information ,view here

When was the last time you soared high into the air to slam a volleyball over the volleyball net and felt your core and legs stretch? Fortunately, we can undertake basic, non-stressful activities at any age to get the same benefits without having to maintain a youthful lifestyle.

Cholesterol levels that are out of balance are another cause of Peripheral Artery Disease. When veins and arteries lose their flexibility, deposits can form in locations where the veins and arteries haven’t been exercised and have remained dormant for an extended period of time. This is where the constraints and obstructions occur, leading the lower extremities to receive less blood.


Current medical treatments for Peripheral Artery Disease do not cure or even reduce the disease’s symptoms. Prescription medications can only slow the disease’s progression, while surgical alternatives would only provide short respite. The reason for this is that both treatments are intended to address the symptoms rather than the underlying problem. The only method to truly cure Peripheral Artery Disease is to use Mother Nature’s natural medicines and to conduct basic workouts that target the areas of the body where restrictions and blockages arise.

Unless they specialise in Natural Medicine, doctors will not provide you this knowledge, even if they utilise it themselves. The pharmaceutical business has so much sway over the medical community and policymakers that doctors who recommend natural treatments risk losing their licence to practise medicine.