Assisted Living a Tough But Necessary Decision

One of the most difficult decisions a person can make is to place their mother or father (or any other relative or loved one) in an assisted living facility. It was without a doubt the most difficult challenge I’ve ever encountered. It doesn’t get any simpler once you’ve made your decision, either.
Here, I’ll relate some of my thoughts and feelings when it came to deciding whether or not my mother should be moved into an assisted living facility. By clicking here we get info about Senior Living

Selecting an Assisted Living Facility
I was terrified at the prospect of handing over my mother’s care to a nursing facility. It terrified me to the point where I took the ostrich method of burying my head in the sand. It wasn’t just me that felt this way. The concept was not well received by the entire family. Looking back, my mother was probably the most level-headed of them all.
To give you a sense of the issue, here is a snapshot of my family’s condition, at least as it was before to our move to an assisted living facility. My mother had lived a very healthy life, but, like so many others, time had caught up with her. She began to struggle with ordinary tasks such as dressing and washing, which were made more difficult by the onset of arthritis.
While our children are at college, my wife and I both work. My father died a number of years ago. This meant that my mother was alone for the majority of the day, including the early mornings and late nights when help was most required.
The subject of assisted living came up during one of our discussions. For the first time, the three of us (my mother, wife, and I) discussed it. To make the decision, my entire family had to consider the advantages and disadvantages of assisted living, as well as the negative aspects for both my senior mother and our family.


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