Bail Bonds Cost

Before calamity struck, Mary and Jim had been a happy married couple for 10 years. Unfortunately, they got into a bad fight about money one night after drinking a bit too much wine. Jim, who is generally a quiet and well-liked computer programmer, snapped and threatened to strangle Mary after hurling a chair at her. Their 9-year-old daughter overheard the altercation and grew alarmed, so she called 911. As a consequence, Jim was arrested and charged with spousal abuse. He would require $50,000 in bond to get freed.You may find this information at Bail Bonds .

Mary was determined to get him out of prison since she was no longer afraid of him. She didn’t have the money to put up the $50,000 personally, like most Americans, so she had to hire a Bail Bond business to assist her out. Bail bond firms are licenced in most jurisdictions as a tool to assure that a defendant will appear in court. The Bail Bond Company is responsible for the $50,000 if the defendant fails to appear. Bond Bond firms charge a “premium” for taking on this risk, which is typically 10% of the bail amount. The premium in this situation would be $5000. Regardless of the result of the court appearance, this money belongs to the Bail Bond Company. Some bail bond firms provide discounts to specific groups of people, such as union members, veterans, or customers of lawyers who routinely recommend clients to them. Discounts may occasionally result in premiums of 8% or 9% instead of the normal 10%.

Mary decided to seek advice from her attorney. He suggested one in particular that he loved since his customers had given him positive feedback. Mary looked through the company’s website for further information and was delighted with the services provided.

She contacted and felt at ease with the licenced agent she talked with right away. The agent agreed to meet with her right away to discuss Jim’s release. She reassured Mary that their firm will be there for her and Jim during this hard, humiliating, and unpleasant period.

The following are some things to think about while choosing a bail bond company if you ever need one:

Local and national service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Is there a licenced agent available to meet you right away at a time that is convenient for you?

-Will they be able to arrange bail by fax if necessary?

-Do you get a good feeling about the agent you’re speaking with?

-Do they provide a payment plan for the remaining of your premium that you can afford? (If you can’t afford to pay the whole price up front) -Do they provide interest-free premium payments or do they impose interest on your outstanding balance?

-Do they give any reductions or rebates on the premium amount?

-Do they provide recommendations to community agencies to assist you and your family in putting your life back together after you’ve been released from jail?

Selecting the appropriate firm for you might pay off handsomely in the long run, while your family deals with the stress and anguish of being engaged in the legal system.