Choosing The Right Dispensaries

A marijuana dispensary, marijuana rehab, or marijuana coop is a place where marijuana is grown for personal or medicinal use, or both. In the Netherlands they are known as coffeeshops. In the United States, they typically exist as an avenue for medical and recreational use. In some cases, such as in California, where the sale and distribution of marijuana for medical purposes is illegal, marijuana dispensaries are allowed to exist in compliance with state law.Learn more at  Dispensaries

The difference between a marijuana dispensary and a marijuana crop is really quite simple. The dispensary is where you can get marijuana legally, but only if you pay a certain fee. In a marijuana dispensary you can get what you need legally and also buy flowers, cookies, bags of brownies, and other edibles. However, you cannot smoke from a marijuana dispensary. If you are caught doing this in a California marijuana dispensary, you could spend some serious time in prison and even be forced to serve time in jail.

To keep up with the demands of California’s marijuana dispensary market, many stores have opened, many of which are located inside of retail locations in California’s cities of Sacramento, San Francisco, and Oakland. Several stores have also opened in Colorado, where it is legal to sell marijuana to anyone over the age of 21. The trend in Colorado is moving toward licensed cultivation and sales rather than sales only through the internet. Medical marijuana patients in both states enjoy the convenience and security that come from being able to purchase their medication from a store that is located inside a real “mature” market, rather than from an “out of the state” jurisdiction.

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