Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Sport

Few subjects evoke more debate and controversy than the debate surrounding the debate of whether outdoor sports are moral or not. An observer, accustomed generally to classify male heroes, may have placed him down neatly as the reincarnation of an old canon of the medieval church with a taste for rugged, country life and wild costume, or as the wily leader of a powerful public school, who trained his students in their outdoor hobbies. Such a view would accord the outdoor activities of these modern day heroes a very respectable place; but for the more discriminating, it is clear that the activity is merely secretory and for the purpose of diversion. This article considers the other view-that the modern man’s pursuit of an outdoor activity is pure, even admirable, because he does not regard it as degrading or evil. Do you want to learn more? Visit Outdoor Sport.
One of the important things to remember when considering an outdoor game is that it should not be equated with the indoor games that we all grew up with. For instance, baseball and basketball games were played almost exclusively on an empty field with concrete walls and enclosed pitches. The object of such games was to physically demonstrate the violence and aggression inherent in man against nature. Whereas some of today’s modern games (which, incidentally also include golf, tennis, and swimming) are played on natural surfaces with little or no added physical violence-such as on a beach, in a park, in a mud pit-these outdoor games were and are essentially violent games, where there is a clear intent to hurt somebody, usually someone considered by the participants to be weaker than oneself.
The difference between the two types of activities can easily be seen from the word itself. The word sport refers to any contact or contest of strength or agility. The word outdoor sport refers to any contact or contest of agility and/or skill. To compare them is to compare the races held for cattle and cockfighting-cattle racing is a sport, cockfighting a competition. One would never say that cockfighting is a form of outdoor sport; they are both, but they are distinctly different.