Essential Aspects about Property Valuation Melbourne

The local location, as well as the current rate of property in this area, are important considerations. While most people think about all of the other criteria, they often overlook the importance of the local region in property valuation. In every situation, the procedure and value of properties in the city will differ from those in the rural. As a result, when deciding on a property assessment, consider the surrounding region as well.Do you want to learn more? Visit Property Valuation Melbourne.


Some people believe they can persuade a valuer to modify his mind. This occurs approximately as frequently as the moon turns blue. It happens approximately as often as a valuer assigns a higher value to a property than a customer estimate. Remember that a valuer must back up his estimate with similar – and recent – local transactions, which is usually difficult to refute.

Even securing financing for a new construction project can be risky. A mortgage for a new construction was recently arranged in one such situation. The purchaser had negotiated a lower price than the builder’s original asking price, effectively establishing a market price for the new home. Imagine telling the customer that the deal he got on his house was not as excellent as he thought because the new purchase was downgraded by £15,000 by a licenced valuation.

 As a result, the agreement did not meet the lender’s requirements, and the distressed consumer was at odds with the builder. The builder was content to back out of the contract and sell the property to a different customer, knowing that the chances of the same valuer showing up were slim to none. As a result, the consumer was quite dissatisfied, and the entire process, including the mortgage broker, was extremely stressful.

So, what are we to do in these downturns? Home track predicts a 1% increase in house prices this year, citing affordability as the main barrier to entrance for purchasers. Halifax is a touch more upbeat, seeing a 3% increase.

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