Explaining about Life on A Boat in Gibraltar

Put paper over the boat window and around it because we’ll be spray painting it. Put the paper far enough around to catch any overspray…and do it on a calm, dry, warm day, of course. I use high-temperature engine spray paint (spray can) that can be found in most Marine or Auto parts stores. It has greater adhesive properties, as well as the Boat frame, in my opinion. Because it is made of aluminium, it gets quite heated when exposed to direct sunlight.Feel free to find more information at affordable suppliers.

Spray painting using a spray can has a little trick to it. Since you won’t be able to add all of the extra solvents that professional painters employ, you can do something easy…. Warm up the surface of your painting…I mean REALLY warm! This can be accomplished by spray painting right in the sun…that should enough. Begin by applying a light coat of paint. It doesn’t matter if you cover everything…in fact, don’t…just a small layer would enough. If you didn’t clean the surface thoroughly enough, you’ll notice immediately. If not, use the acetone rag to remove the paint and repeat the process. But, because I believe you did a wonderful job, we’ll go on.

¬†After that light application has dried for a few minutes, apply another light coat. You’ll note that the paint is starting to cover some of the surface, not much, but enough. The paint dries quickly since the Boat aluminium frame is so heated! Repeat this process until you have a nicely painted boat aluminium frame that looks like it came straight from the factory. Some people recommend using a primer, but that high-heat engine paint must have other features because it lasts so long.