Eyes of Texas  – An Outline Of Optometry

Optometrists are the medical practitioners who specialize in the field of vision. Eyes of Texas is an excellent resource for this. They are qualified to diagnose, plan and treat disorders of the visual system. Most of them hold degrees in optometry and receive additional education after graduating from medical schools to achieve a professional optometry qualification. Optometrist requires certain skills such as manual dexterity, attention to detail, reading skills and ability to apply mathematical reasoning.

The most common surgeries performed by optometrists are glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, laser eye surgery, corneal topography, vitreo-retinal detachment surgery and pediatric optometry. A qualified optometrist can specialize in almost any branch of optometry including visual specialties such as optometry and pediatric optometry, ophthalmology, laser eye surgery, cornea and contact lens technology. Some of the common fields of optometry in which optometrists are involved include pediatric optometry, ophthalmology, geriatric optometry, refractive surgery, vision care, clinical optometry and ophthalmologist/optometrist. Optometrists can prescribe glasses or contacts, prescribe health insurance plans, conduct research and give lectures on vision.

Most of the patients consult with an optometrist for various reasons including taking vision tests, obtaining prescription glasses or contact lens, changing eyeglasses or contact lenses, obtaining a new medical examination and for personalized treatment or to determine the right treatment. A patient may have a refractive examination and then be referred to an optometrist for further detailed examination. If a referral is made, an optometrist usually goes to the eye clinic and performs a complete eye examination, including a visual field examination, a peripheral vision examination and a facial evaluation. Based on the results of the initial and subsequent examinations, a patient is prescribed corrective lenses or an eye patch.