How Invisalign Works For Straightening Teeth

Clear aligners are custom-made clear plastic forms of orthodontic braces, which are utilized to correct teeth misalignment. These devices also help in straightening out teeth by holding them in their rightful places and thus correcting the problems with teeth alignment. You may want to check out Rancho Bernardo Invisalign for more. Aligners are made up of clear or colored material and are attached to the front teeth. When the teeth are misaligned, they are either crooked or turned in different directions and thus creating an embarrassing situation for the person.

A traditional method to straightening out teeth is the use of Invisalign braces, but in this case, there is no need to expose one’s teeth during the treatment as the aligner is opaque from all sides and prevents others from seeing the condition of one’s teeth while the patient wears the aligner. As the name suggests, the Invisalign procedure uses invisible aligners to hold the teeth in their rightful places without exposing them. The Invisalign process is completely invisible to other people apart from the wearer. A clear acrylic tube runs from the mouth of the wearer through the metal brace that holds the aligner in place. It is equipped with sensors that detect whether the wearer is chewing or talking and thus if the wearer shifts his mouth it is detected and a visualisation of the tooth movement is captured using the 3D model. Digital data logger records the whole process and an instructor is able to guide the wearer on how to use the aligner properly.

The Invisalign has gained popularity among the middle aged people as well as the teenagers and grown ups who want to straighten their teeth. It is cost effective as it does not require one to visit any orthodontist and does not involve any type of surgery. The cost of the procedure depends on the materials and the number of teeth that need to be straightened. An Invisalign treatment plan involves cleaning of the aligners twice a day and a course of oral care is recommended to ensure the Invisalign system suits the patient.

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