Indianapolis Roof Replacement – Guidelines

Roof replacement is the quick and cheapest way to revitalize your old roof’s look. As long as you currently have one intact layer of asphalt shingles on your roof, you’re a good candidate for roofing re-roofing, provided you also have one layer of durable slate shingles as well. Otherwise, existing roofs that have two layers of slate shingles installed are too structurally obligated to install a third layer, so in that case you’ll need a complete roof replacement. There are many reasons why a roof replacement may be necessary. In many cases, older homes with multiple layers of tar and gravel tiles suffer from “slipping stresses,” which means the roof doesn’t rest properly on the fascia – often the weakest point of a house. In addition, older homes with many layers of asphalt shingles (on the same side of the home) are more apt to develop leaks, due to the pressure exerted on the fascia through heavy snow or rain, and other factors. Learn more about Indianapolis Roof Replacement.

On older roofs, it’s common for damage to occur not only on the fascia but also along the edge of the roof, because the edges of tar and gravel often become bent and cracked, leaving gaps and moisture between the fascia and the edges of the roof. Roof replacement becomes necessary when such problems cannot be remedied by re-shingling, reinstalling, or floating tar and gravel.

Roof replacement is also often the most economical method of replacing an old roof. You generally pay close to half the cost of having the old roof replaced, and much less in labor costs, such as the time spent walking on the roof to remove debris. In contrast, re-roofing requires the removal of several layers of drywall and insulation, and professional expertise. It is usually best to have the work done by a licensed contractor who can handle the specialized skills involved in replacing old, unstable, and leaking roofs.

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