Island Event Planners- An Overview

A planner is an extension of the company. They do all the heavy lifting for the event so employees can enjoy the event as they are meant to. A planner allows all employees to network effectively and make favorable impressions. Do you want to learn more? Visit Island Event Planners.

Great planners allow the company to be a part of the details and decisions without being burnt out on an information overload, which happens when employees within the company plan the event. Planners will get to know the company and find the vendors that are perfect for the company and event message.

An average event can have ten to twenty vendors. Vendors must be researched, booked, confirmed, scheduled, and managed for contractual compliance. Planners handle all of the details so employees can focus on company business.

The vendors all have contracts to proof and payments they need. They will also have questions about timing, power, layout, and more. Planners create schedules and floor plans, answer questions, and keep the event on track.

Constant communication with vendors takes up a lot of time. Companies underestimate the amount of time that is taken by communicating with vendors and producing an event from beginning to end. Employees trying to plan an event will spend less time on company business.

The best event planners offer additional services that help and reassure the company hosting the event. Carrying insurance that is A rated and exceeds industry standards is a bonus in an event planner. Safety should be a priority and all spaces and vendors are inspected and certified by the event planner.

Some event planning companies are certified for alcohol distribution, which is a big bonus if the company is using a location privately owned by the event planning company. They should also cater to many different types of events which gives the planner more overall experience.