Know More About Dermacare of Hampton Roads

A medical spa is a type of spa where you can receive various elective procedures usually done in a spa like environment which has been specially designed to make you feel relaxed and pampered. These treatments are usually not covered by insurance because it is an elective or cosmetic treatment, thus the need for insurance companies to refuse to cover such treatments. Thus, these treatments are usually available for those who have deep enough pockets to pay for such beauty treatments. Usually such spa are located in the posh Beverly Hills area. However, since these are usually optional elective treatments that are usually not covered by insurance companies, one should weigh the benefits and risks before deciding whether he/she wants to go for this beauty procedure. Have a look at Dermacare of Hampton Roads to get more info on this.

Some of the common services that one can expect from a medical spa include facial and body massage; manicures and pedicures; deep tissue massages; clay masques and exfoliators; various skin and body treatments; chemical peels; Botox injections; and other elective cosmetic procedures. It is also possible to get massages on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on your schedule and availability. Some of the spa’s offer regular classes and lectures on beauty treatments that are meant to make you feel pampered and rejuvenated on a daily basis. These lectures are usually available on DVD or through audio CD.

Although the basic service offered by such day spas is similar to that of the ordinary day spa, there are some main differences between the two such as for instance the fact that medical spas offer more advanced treatments. These treatments are usually not covered by insurance companies. The treatments that you can expect at such beauty treatment centers are usually very expensive and sometimes quite impractical to afford. Hence, if you are not sure whether you can afford to have such beauty treatments done or not, then perhaps it would be best if you choose an ordinary day spa where you can just enjoy the relaxation and pampering services.