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We’ve learned a lot in our sixty years in the bail bonds business about what potential clients want to know as they consider their bail options. Do you want to learn more? Visit Henry County Affordable Bail Bondsman. One of the most typical questions people have is whether to hire a bail bondsman or post the bond themselves. Because the vast majority of society has enough cash on hand to post bail for most charges, the decision usually boils down to balancing the benefits of each choice. Here are some reasons why paying a professional bondsman a tiny part of the bond sum will be well worth the value of their skills and thorough knowledge of the bail and trial procedure.


One of the most compelling reasons to utilise a bail bondsman when posting bail is that the defendant is not responsible for the money because they are in jail. Frequently, a friend or relative is required to handle the administration of, pay the money for, and thereby assume all of the risk associated with posting bail. When they hire a bail bondsman, they usually just have to pay 10% of the total bail cost, lowering the risk to the friend or relative greatly. Once the bail requirements have been properly met, the bail bondsman is responsible for retrieving the money back from the court.

The money you spend on bond is usually eaten up by administrative and court costs, so you don’t get anything back once the trial is done. If a bondsman is hired, a large portion of the court and administrative fees will very certainly become part of the case’s cost and will be covered by the system.

Another good reason to use a bail bondsman, especially if you’re bailing out a friend or relative, is that the bondsman is responsible for ensuring that the accused individual returns to court for trial when it’s time. Because a missed court date might result in the forfeiture of the full bail payment, the bondsman goes to considerable pains to keep the defendant aware of court dates and will even arrest them if necessary. It’s also a practical approach to ensure that all parties are aware of any date or time changes, because lawyers are frequently overworked and unable to do so. If you have any questions, contact a licenced bail bondsman in your region to find out more information.

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