What You Need To Know About IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a relatively new medical procedure that delivers drugs, liquids and nutrients directly to the vein of a person. The intravenous route of delivery is most commonly used for replenishing electrolytes or to deliver nutrients to people who can’t eat or drink through the mouth. The needles are placed into the vein, and the drugs are then delivered into the body via the bloodstream. Do you want to learn more? Visit IV Therapy Near Me. Once in the body, the drugs act on various organs, eliminating blockages, improving circulation and increasing oxygenation. The body then absorbs the nutrients and takes them to all of the cells, tissues, and organs of the body. This route of delivery has many benefits, but there are some risks as well.


There are risks with IV therapy as it delivers fluids into the body, but these are generally not of a life-threatening nature. Common side effects of IV fluids are dizziness, nausea, soreness and bruising, and increased risk of infections in the area of delivery. These types of side effects may be more common if the fluids are not prepared correctly, or if the patient receives IV fluids that are not of the right strength. This may be especially true in situations where a patient is dehydrated or has low blood sugar, both conditions which may result in IV fluids being weak or of no strength at all.

While IV therapy has its benefits, this form of therapy also comes with some possible risks. IV fluid distribution requires skill and experience. If IV fluids are not delivered properly, there is a chance that they could become infected or contaminated, which increases the risk of complications. If IV therapy is used to replace missing electrolytes, it also increases the risk of vitamin deficiency. In IV therapy for weight loss, IV fluids are usually not enough to completely replace the vitamins lost during this process, and can lead to vitamin deficiency as well.

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