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Wheelchair users are usually worried about their wheelchairs breaking down while they are outside and there is no one to aid them. Manual wheelchair users are concerned about flat tyres, whereas motorised wheelchair users must consider not just flat tyres but also failing batteries. All of them, on the other hand, could reduce their odds of poor luck by taking steps ahead of time to allow them to recover if one of these problems arises.You may want to check out Salt Lake City Wheelchair Repair Service for more.


Some may find the idea of a disabled person being able to conduct a rapid wheelchair repair unrealistic. However, even when wheelchair users are on their own, there are safety measures that may be used to assist them through a breakdown; for example, having a cell phone ensures that even if you have no support when your breakdown occurs, you will have it very soon.

Simple Safety Precautions

You’ll be able to contact your wheelchair repair business or call a friend or family member if you have a cell phone with you. However, there are additional safety precautions you may take. For example, additional batteries for your motorised chair can be carried in a bag, and if you are partially mobile, having crutches or a cane on standby can help you seek actual aid. It’s also a good idea to have your doctor’s and insurance company’s phone numbers handy in case your wheelchair needs repairs.

Trouble on the Horizon

Have a “diagnostic” done on your wheelchair every six months to discover any impending difficulties. It’s one technique to avoid getting into problems before you end up stuck following a breakdown. It will also keep your wheelchair in top shape because the breakdown of one item can have a domino effect and send your wheelchair into a tailspin if left untreated.

Being disabled is difficult even in the best of circumstances, and it can make you feel irritated and powerless. But there are steps you can do to regain control of your situation, and by planning ahead of time and being clever, you can handle any unforeseen events without losing your cool.

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